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Locals / Clay Cullen

One of Hollywood’s top stuntmen. Clay was a Pro Jet Skier, and is a lover of dirt bikes , street bikes and badass cars. He turned his passion for speed into a very successful profession. When he’s not working on a summer blockbuster you can find him at his compound where he has a rally car course and a sweet motocross track. We love his style.

Clay Cullen Stuntman


Clay Cullen
Clayster, back in the jet ski days ...
Why do you ride?
The natural buzz you get from riding is my drug ! The connectivity of effort with adrenaline wile motoing makes me feel alive and keeps rewarding me with satisfaction !
Where do you ride?
My house, Wyveren, local tracks in North Los Angeles County, or anything that looks like a single track trail locally or in the desert
When you're not riding, you are...
Working hopefully ... To buy gas! Nah...I'm with my wife Molly and son Sonny and friends mostly at the beach with a stand up ski or a paddle board ...Occasional track days in my car or on sport bike too
What do you do for a living?
Slip on banana peals, crash cars, fake fight, and get blown up.... Lol - but pretty much true Aka(stuntman)
Who are you heroes?
Doug Henry, MC, JW, RC, TP, Valentino Rossi, Rick Roy
The '14 YZF 450 = Such a Great motor... My 88 CR500 = Best sound & my old 09 YZF450... silky smooth and stable
Mammoth , or any if my buds are out there
Any Day in the Dirt at L.A.C.R ... They were bitchen'
Moto Memory
Winning Mammoth in '88 125 amateur and every lap getting B A'd by the boys. Getting a 4th one year in the Coup de Grace at Day in the Dirt (2000. Think Mike Brown won it that year. I felt I held the torch high for a working stuntman back then
Fast Times at Ridgemont High / Mad Max / Star Wars
Generally most bike stuff is "no helmet", so that always kinda blows but any that have a roll cage or a button are awesome!