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Locals / Greg Flanagan

Greg has been racing dirt bikes and having fun as long as we can remember. He’s one of the fastest vets around and he’s pretty good on a mountain bike. We’re proud to have him as part of our moto crew.




Greg Flanagan
Flanaman, Flanny
Why do you ride?
I ride because there is simply nothing greater than being on 2 wheels! Throttle Therapy is the best cure for almost anything. And I suck at golf...
Where do you ride?
I ride at Glen Helen a lot. Racetown and Cahuilla Creek are really fun too! I also like to hop on my Harley and head up one of the local canyons.
When you're not riding, you are...
When I'm not riding I'm usually out riding one of my bicycles with my wife, Gina or trying my best to explain to her why my 1967 Lincoln Continental broke down again, just after I fixed the last problem it had.
What do you do for a living?
I promote both the PedalFest and the Over the Hump LA mountain bike race series. I also rent equipment, such as Scissor Lifts, to contractors and production companies. I have also been known to operate a forklift in a TV commercial or two.
Who are your heroes?
My mom is my hero! She battled breast cancer down to the very end. Jeff Ward and Ricky Johnson are my two favorite moto heroes. Also, anyone who lives life the way they want to and stands apart from the crowd will get my nod.
My 1978 XR75 was the first bike I ever raced. My 2008 Honda CRF450 was the most recent one that I really loved
Corona Raceway was my first race so I have so many memories from there. Glen Helen is currently my favorite.
1986 San Diego SX. My first main event in the 125 class. The 2012 reunion race at ADITD was great because I had a 45 minute battle with Troy Lee and Ty Schwartz and I have been racing those guys for 30 years!
Moto Memory
1985 Golden State Series in Madera, CA. I had just turned pro. Lined up for the LCQ. They took 2 to the show. Johnny 'O lines up right next to me. I was awestruck. I didn't make it in!
Princess Bride, Swingers, the Big Lebowski, and the Bourne movies.
The stunt that the Nitro Circus guys pulled off in Castaic where the trucks and bikes and buggies were all flying over and under each other is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!