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Locals / Jimmy Roberts

Jimmy Roberts has an exceptional pedigree. His dad is J.N. Roberts, a badass stuntman and a legendary desert race. Jimmy is following in his dad’s footsteps. He has worked on many of the biggest films in Hollywood, from doing seriously gnarly bike gags to stunt doubling for stars like Tom Cruise and Owen Wilson. But, like dad, it’s his passion for motorcycles and good dirt that dominates his life. He lives the life we love in northern LA County.



Jimmy N. Roberts III
Why do you ride?
Because I love it!!! And it keeps me sane. I enjoy working on my 20+ motorcycles and riding them as well. It's the whole package, the prep, the riding, and the cleaning. It's total freedom and now I'm getting to enjoy it with my daughter Jameson(8) and my son Rowan(5). A whole new generation and a whole bunch more work. But worth it so much. Plus I learn new things all time, the only downside is my knees are sore a lot. Small trade for all the enjoyment I get..
Where do you ride?
Let see I'm kinda a north LA county guy. So I when I ride moto it's at AV Motoplex, Gormon, Piru, Cal-City MX and sometimes Zaca. I ride off-road a lot too, and that be at Rowher Flats because I can ride there from my house. Also Dove Springs, Cal-City. I also do track days at Willow springs and SuperMoto at La Garange.
When you're not riding, you are...
Camp leader of the Roberts Clan. Having young kids keep me and my wife Tina very busy. Between homework, martial arts, riding, school activities, birthday parties, etc etc. I only work about six month's a year, which is great because I get to be a hands on dad. That's the best part of doing what I do.
What do you do for a living?
Grizzly, cantankerous, veteran 24 year stunt performer.
Who are your heroes?
My pops JN Roberts who walk away from racing on top and never look back. Still rides motocross at 72 years old and gets excited like a little kid about it. Doug Henry...
Any Honda!!!!
Zaca Station MX
Day in the Dirt
Moto Memory
Seeing my dad from the freeway leading the Barstow to Vegas when I was 5 years old.
Forest Gump
For me it would be doing a 85 ft high fall into boxes with fellow moto geek Gaston Howard for the movie " I Spy ".