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Locals / Lance Coury

We love this guy. He’s one of the coolest. He lives in So Cal and his passion is motorcycles. He rides them well. He’s been doing it since the age of 4, as we like to say “once it gets in your blood it stays with you forever.” He’s got the style.




Lance Coury
Why do you ride?
I ride cause I enjoy the state of mind your in while doing it. It is an amazing getaway from stress. Whether I am on my dirtbikes, street bikes, riding solo, or with buddies it is enjoyable.
Where do you ride?
I ride around the world, home base is Southern California, but I have ridden all over Europe, Egypt, Dubai, South America, New Zealand, South Korea, and of course the United States.
When you're not riding, you are...
Hanging with my family or buddies and talking about the last ride and the next ride.
What do you do for a living?
Ride motorcycles!!!
Who are your heroes?
My parents! I am stoked on the way the raised me and the opportunities they gave me.
Moto: Suzuki RMZ 450 | Street: Harley Davidson Dyna
Zaca Station
A Day in the Dirt
Moto Memory
Winning X Games Gold in Brazil
All funny movies, like Step Brothers!
A stunt I have done? Moto the streets of South Korea on a Bob Brown Film. A stunt I have seen was when Bob Brown jumped out of a huge building on fire. Haha