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Hollywood Stuntman / Director Mic Rodgers has worked on hundreds of films and TV shows. For years he doubled Mel Gibson, he’s been there, done it. He loves his job, but his passion is moto. Most weekends you can find him at a local motorcycle race. This love affair with dirt bikes goes way back, to places like Carlsbad and Saddleback. He did most of his time with CMC and he has competed in EVERY Day in the Dirt Motocross Grand Prix. We love his no bullshit attitude, he’s one of ours.

mic rodgers


Mic Rodgers
Micker, 115
Why do you ride?
I love motorcycles... my first bike was a Taco scooter, i was 6. at 13 i got a H-D 250 Sprint and rode it to school every day... all the way through High School ! i started racing MX in 71, and have not stopped...Motocross is my sport . it's my passion!
Where do you ride?
I always race "A Day in the Dirt", I'v got 18 yrs at Mammoth, REM every Saturday. i got time at every track in the SO CAL
When you're not riding, you are...
Surf Longboards at C street, shoot a lot of guns..45 auto,AR's and long range 308's
What do you do for a living?
I've been a Stuntman in the picture business for over 40 yrs. For the last 20 yrs or so I have been a 2nd Unit Director/Stunt-Coordintator
Who are your heroes?
Steve McQueen and Bud Ekins , both where great racers, fun guys to be around
My 62' BSA Goldstar built by Dick Mann! and any MX bike
Mammoth, LACR, REM
"A Day in the Dirt" , Mammoth and any Saturday race at REM
Moto Memory
Hole shooted the +60 EXP at the 013 World Vet. all the love and support i got after i broke every bone in my body at Lemon Grove in 98'
Being Mel Gibson's Stunt Dbl in Bravehart and all the Lethal Weapon movies
I've been on fire, gone fast, crashed cars..100ft high falls...battles with 2000 guys in's just like the Fall Guy song...and i love being the unknow stuntman