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Locals / Ricky Diaz

The first time we met Ricky, of course, was at a local track – Milestone. We loved his style and we got to know him pretty well that day. He’s been one of us ever since, a So Cal local. The kid can throw it down.

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Ricky Diaz
RD, Diaz
Why do you ride?
Dirt bikes lit a fire in me at an early age. I feed off of the adrenaline. Being able to overcome the fear that comes with dirt bikes at times; I live for that.
Where do you ride?
I'm a weekend warrior nowadays. I can usually be found at one of the major So-Cal tracks if I'm on my dirt bike, or in the Canyons of South Orange County if I'm riding my cafe. And of course, the hills after a good downpour.
When you're not riding, you are...
Working, spinning wrenches, riding my cafe racer through the canyons, and/or enjoying ice cold brews with my woman and best buds.
What do you do for a living?
I work for a company called Advanced Marine Power in Newport Beach as a Marine Diesel Technician.
Who are your heroes?
My mom and dad, for sure. They formed the morals that made me who I am today. Also, my boss, second dad, and good friend Greg Fountain. He's an animal on a dirt bike in Mexico, and no one works harder through a 12 hour work day than he does.
My YZ250F race bike in 2009. Honda CB550/750. Those in-line 4 cylinder engines are so rad.
Zaca Station, Racetown. Will someone Re-open Racetown please?
SRA gp's and REM at Glen Helen when I was younger. Day in the Dirt, Mammoth.
Moto Memory
In 2003 I was riding my YZ85 on the main track at Lake Elsinore when I heard a much faster rider on a four stroke come up behind me before a good sized table top. I hit the jump and looked over to find Chad Reed sitting sideways looking at me with a thumbs up. I was just short of wading up from being so stoked on what happened. He was my all time favorite rider growing up.
Step Brothers
That's tough. Up until a couple months ago I would say a clean turndown on my dirt bike hands down. However, I've been hooked on surfing my cafe racer recently.