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Locals / Willy Simons Jr.

Willy Jr. was born with moto DNA in his blood, handed down from his dad Willy Simons Sr. He calls Simi Valley his home, but he mostly lives in the dirt of So Cal's many motocross venues. Keep an eye on this kid, he's one of our moto crew.

Willy Simons Jr.


Willy Simons Jr.
Why do you ride?
I ride because there's no better feeling to me than being able to flow on a motorcycle and getting adrenaline rushes, nothing else has ever gave me that feeling before.
Where do you ride?
SoCal! Glen Helen, Piru, Milestone
When you're not riding, you are...
When I'm not riding, I'm most likely in the garage working on the bikes or riding my mountain bike
What do you do for a living?
School and Moto
Who are your heroes?
My hero is most definitely my dad, Willy Simons he's gone through the ranks traveled the world racing and has done just about everything you can do on a dirt bike. He's 54 years old still shredding and causing trouble at the track.
My Simi Valley Cycles-powered YZ250F!
Glen Helen
Mammoth, Day in the Dirt, Amateur Nationals
Moto Memory
My best moto memory aside from racing was all the times I got to ride with Kurt Caselli, I was able to know Kurt my whole life and learned a bunch from him, looking back on it now it was pretty special.
Lone survivor
I only have whips under my belt haha.