The Scene

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” - Washougal.

First, we’d like to say Thank You to all of our friends and race fans that cheered us on through the weekend. 


Over the past few months Sean Collier has impressed us with his style and grace and his natural ability on a dirt bike.  We prepared for a good time, to go to Washougal, do some wheelies, throw some whips and throw down some good laps.  Friday was perfect.  The vibe was good, the area was absolutely beautiful, the people welcomed us with open arms and everything was groovy.


We went out to eat on Friday night, race day was Sean’s birthday, he turned 29, and he woke up with food poisoning!  He wanted to power through because of all the effort to get him there.  Long story short, he spent most of the day in an Andy Gump the rest of the time on his KTM 450.  He dug deep, he impressed the hell out of the Fasthouse crew.  He ran with the fastest guys in the world, he beat half of them and he looked super cool doing it.    He personified that old saying – “The show must go on.”  Thank you Sean for the ride.


And thanks to all the supporters that helped get us there. 


We will see you at the races.

Photos by BrownDogWilson