The Scene

2015 TransWorld Industry Cup | Fasthouse And Von Zipper Fun

The annual TransWorld Motocross Industry Cup took place today, which brings various motocross industry members out from behind their desks and onto the track to compete for the coveted Industry Cup. The format is simple—it mirrors the Motocross of Nations where each team consists of three riders that race in three different motos with the scores being combined in the end. While Fasthouse didn't put a team together this year, we were still well represented by the Von Zipper crew of Pat "P-Lo" Lopez, Dano Legere, and Curt Biegel, as well as the EKS-Brand Goggles team of Rich Taylor and his sons Richard and Zach. Check out the photos and be sure to head out to Milestone MX Park tomorrow for a free ride day, Hell On Wheels race, and the always entertaining SLAM event. We will also be selling merchandise, so be sure to stop by and pick up your favorite jersey, t-shirt, or hat.

Photos by Brendan Lutes