The Scene

2016 Mammoth Motocross | Vets Race High At 8,000 feet

The first weekend of racing at the 2016 Mammoth Mountain Motocross wrapped up yesterday, and Fasthouse definitely made an impression. We race... sometimes. And this weekend couldn’t have rung more true to that. Straight off the couch, the crew took home some bears, banged bars, and left the mountain slightly sore, but with huge smiles.

Leading off each day was the vintage Smoke And Fire race, which was stacked full of the Fasthouse crew. Some bikes broke, some ran like champs, but the style and classic machines that circulated the track were unforgettable.

In the 30-Plus Pro Class Sean Collier broke out “The Beast” and the sweet sound of the big bad KX500 was music to everyone’s ears as it reverberated off the mountainside. He proceeded to take three out of four moto wins over the course of the weekend, losing only one moto when he went down in the tree turn after having just taken over the lead from Arik Swan. Fasthouse also took home the win in the 40-Plus Pro Class, as Billy Mercier won the final moto of the weekend to secure the overall. We’re looking forward to the next seven days of racing and good times with our family and friends on the mountain.

Notable Notes:

-Arik Swan is a badass

-The Beast puts the FMF power to the ground

-Fasthouse took home a truckload of bears

-We wasted a few 805s during the podium celebration

-Manny blew up his bike and proceeded to buy a new one to race

-The new track changes made things interesting

Photos by Brendan Lutes