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2017 In Review | Favorites From This Past Year

This past year has been a good one for Fasthouse. We've launched multiple new gear sets, created tons of memorable content, had numerous some killer days at the track, and cultivated good times whereever we landed. With 2018 just a few days away, and 2017 having been chaulked full of goodness, we thought it was fitting to take a look back at some of our favorite events, pieces of content, and memories from '17.

Down For Fun | Two-Stroke Championship Video

We always make it a point to attend this annual Two-Stroke Championships, and 2017 was no different. This year, Robbie Wageman took victory in the 125 Pro Class, while Sean Collier unfortunately had a hard crash in Open Pro before salvaging a 10th overall.

805 Gas And Beer Video

Since the beginning, we've had a close working relationship with 805 Beer. And at the beginning of 2017, the popular SoCal beer released this rad video shot at Zaca Station with the boys. The shoot spawned numerous in-store displays, billboards, and millions of views on YouTube.

After Hours With Sean Collier Featuring Mike Healey

This year, we launched a new video series, diving into the lives of athletes, artists, stuntmen, and just about anyone that we find interesting. One of the first guests was Mike Healey. And inspite of being out of the racing spotlight for many years, Healey's episode garnered a lot of viewers, as he went into detail about his racing career and the dark turn he took before ultimately becoming a barber. Also, CLICK HERE to watch other episodes.

Darryn Durham Missing In Action

Darryn Durham might not have done a lot of racing this year, but he still had a good time doing what he loves—riding his dirt bike. In this rad video by The Viewing, Darryn hits up his secret hot SoCal hot spots throughout the epic 2017 winter we had.

Spring Fling 2017 | Fasthouse Invades Zaca

In what is sure to become a yearly tradition, we held our first annual Spring Fling at our favorite West Coast track, Zaca Station. But rather than just show up and spin some laps, we had a BBQ, full band, ice cold 805 Beer for post-ride refreshment, and every person that entered the gate that day rode for free. It was a rad day with even better people.

Unforgiving Monster | 2017 Glen Helen National

We launched a new feature on our website late in 2016, but got the most use out of it this year. If you haven't seen the huge bitchin' Fasthouse Photo Stories on our site, you're missing out. One of our favorites from '17 was when we attended the Glen Helen National to cheer on the Fasthouse crew. That day, rather than applying for a photo pass and working out ass off in the heat, getting the same images as everyone else, we elected to shoot it from the fence with a beer in one hand and our camera in the other. The day garnered some good times, unforgettable memories, and most importantly awesome imagery. Young Justin Hoeft also went 11-14 for 14th overall in his first-ever 450 National.

Speed. Style. Good Times | At 8,000 Feet

The annual Mammoth Motocross is one of our favorite events of the year. And in '17 we used it as an opportunity to not only have some fun at 8,00 feet with some of our closest friends, but we used it as an opportunity to launch some of our newest gear. The video that came from it all was packed full of racing, pit antics, after hours fun, and more racing. It also generated well into the six figure count in total views.

Wild Man Bereman | Behind The Scenes At X Games

Tyler Bereman had a killer year. During his time at X Games, where he took home two medals, we tagged along to document the entire trip behind-the-scenes in the places that the television cameras don't take you.

Valley Relics' BMX Reunion | NBA Memories With Ernie Alexander

BMX has been in our blood since the beginning. Fasthouse founder Kenny Alexander's dad Ernie was the founder of the National Bicycle Association, and this year, the Valley Relics Museum in Van Nuys held a super cool reunion commemorating everything BMX. If you're grew up peddeling around town on your BMX bike, you need to check out this gallery.

Brutal | Blayne Thompson Takes Havasu

Our off-road assassin Blayne Thompson had a blazing start to 2017, taking the win at the Adelanto Grand Prix and following it up with a dominating victory at the brutal Havasu WORCS race. The photos don't to it justice.

Surf And Turf | 19th Annual Surfercross

Being based in SoCal means that the beach isn't far away, and every chance we get, we try to get out in the water. This year, Fasthouse came onboard (no pun intended) with the annual Surfercross event as a sponsor, supplying all the surfers who don't normally ride with new gear. As is the case every year, Surfercross didn't dissappoint and the video prooves that.

Red Bull Day In The Dirt 20 | The Fastest Party Turns 20

This year's Red Bull Day In The Dirt was a milestone, marking the annual event's 20th year and it was bigger than ever. Not only was just about every racing class sold out, but the barn party was headlined by the Boogie Knights band, 805 Drag Racing was off the hook, and every single person in attendance had a killer time. Next year, DITD turns 21... watch out.