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50th Mammoth Motocross | Counting Down The Days

One more month… We’re counting the days until the 50th running of the historic Mammoth Mountain Motocross. Last year’s race was one for the books, and we spent the entire 10 days on the mountain attending every event from the motocross races to bowling to even tricycle racing. After getting into a slight bit of trouble last year—burnouts and mid-moto switch-a-roos are generally frowned upon by the powers that be—we’re on probation, but we’re still planning on having one hell of a good time with some of our closest friends.

The Vet weekend is where most of us here at Fasthouse get to shine. It’s the first weekend before all the fast kids hit the track—when the old guys get to spin laps, eat roost, and toss back cold ones at the end of the day. One of our favorite races, though, is the Smoke And Fire event, held on the first weekend, but the entire time up there is spent enjoying two wheels at one of the most beautiful tracks this side of the Mississippi. If you haven’t been, do yourself a favor and make the trek up the mountain. In the meantime, check out the rad video from last year. We’ll be posting more content from 2016 over the next few weeks.