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Brooklyn McClendon | At Random

Motorcyclists come in all forms, and by no means is motorcycling gender-exclusive. Girls have been swinging a leg over motorcycles just about as long as men have been, and one woman that knows that well is Brooklyn McClendon. From California, Brooklyn grew up around motorcycles, as her parents regularly competed in desert racing, and ever since she bought her first bike at the age of 21, she’s been hooked and has never been without a two-wheel vehicle.

During the recent Hell On Wheels Stadium Steeplechase event at Glen Helen Raceway, Brooklyn took the win in the Women’s Class, turning laps that were faster than most men on the track. We decided what better time to corner her for another installment of At Random.

When did you start riding motorcycles?

When I was 21, I got a 1949 Indian for my first bike. I wanted to get that bike because of the look of it. It was also before the helmet law, so it was rad.

What does motocross mean to you?

Friends, family… I grew up with it. My mom and dad both raced desert, so I was always around it. It’s a good time and a way for me to escape.

Where’s your favorite place to go ride?

Hmmm… That’s a tough question. I like Kennedy Meadows. It’s pretty awesome up there. It’s like an Enduro for four hours when you’re on a long trail ride.

What was your first bike?

I already kind of talked about it—it was the ’49 Indian, but my first dirt bike was a 1968 Bultaco that I got from the Pennysaver for $300. It wasn’t the one I raced at Hell On Wheels. That was my friend’s bike that he is kind enough to let me use. I don’t have my first bikes anymore. I’ve had many new bikes since then. They were all awesome, and I wish I still had them, but unfortunately I don’t (laughs).

When you’re not riding, what do you like to do?

I like to go mountain biking. I usually go to El Moro, Laguna, and Santiago Oaks. I ride a lot; I usually go four days a week.