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Buffalo Chip Super Hooligan | Sturgis Racing

If you haven’t been to a Super Hooligan race—or better yet, participated in one—you’re missing out. The bravado it takes to successfully navigate one of these heavy bikes around a slick dirt track is not only impressive to watch, but it’s also thoroughly entertaining. During this year’s annual motorcycle pilgrimage to Sturgis, Roland Sands and Indian helped to put on one of the coolest races at the rally.

Held at the huge Buffalo Chip Campgrounds, the Super Hooligan race, which also featured a pro flat track class, drew a huge crowd of spectators and riders to witness racing on a track that was laid out on the concert grounds; right in front of the stage where Willy Nelson, Lynard Skynard, Elle King, Weird Al Yankovic, and more were slated to perform later in the evening. While not everyone at Fasthouse was lucky enough to attend, our friend Chris Sackett from Bell Helmets made the trek to try his hand at Hooligan racing aboard a RSD Yamaha Bolt. And Leticia Cline spun some laps decked out in her FH gear. All told, the race was a resounding success in spite of the rain that fell prior. Check out the accompanying photos and video from Roland Sands Designs. And who knows, you might just be seeing some Hooligans spinning laps on a specially designed track at this year’s Red Bull Day In The Dirt. Stay tuned…

Photos by Joe Hitzelberger and Preston Burroughs