The Scene

Dirt Bikes and Stuntmen

Sunday, September 7th crack of dawn the Fasthouse crew was cruising up Hiway 101 on our way to the Hooper Classic.  What is the Hooper classic?  It’s a stuntman dirt bike race and get together, named after the famous movie “Hooper” about stuntmen and starring Burt Reynolds. 

Hollywood has had a long love affair with the dirt bike.  From back in the day when you could find Hollywood elite and stuntmen hanging out in the desert or at local tracks, such as the long gone legendary Indian Dunes, and racing such races as the Westlake Grand Prix and Hopetown to today’s Red Bull Day in the Dirt and the Hooper classic.

This year’s Hooper took place at Castillo Ranch, nestled in the Santa Ynez mountains, and was hosted by Stunts Unlimited.  We pulled into “dirt bike heaven” threw our name in the pot, drew for a partner and the race was on. 

The course consisted of the outdoor national track and then shoots out through the hills and around the ranch.  Dusty, sketchy, and rad, it was perfect.  Our good friend and photographer, Brendan Lutes, was on hand capturing moments for the crew. 

Oh yeah, the race was won by team Reid Harper and Jay Lynch – close 2nd was Dave Castillo and Kenny Alexander.  Next year!!!!

The rest of the day got a little nuts with a pit bike race followed by a pool party. 

We had the speed, we had the style, and we definitely had a good time.


Thank you fellow stunt brothers.