The Scene

Dustin "Wacker" Nowak | Flipping Out

Dustin “Wacker” Nowak is one of our crew, and not only does he ride a dirt bike, he can also throw it upside down, as he’s a regular on freestyle motocross demos across the country. Wacker most recently participated in a demo at Fontana Speedway during a NASCAR race and represented Fasthouse well, flying the newest jerseys and drawing a lot of attention from the spectators and even the other riders in the demo. “We did a demo for the NASCAR fans in Fontana,” Wacker said. “There were a ton of people out there, which was rad. The NASCAR fans are always an interesting group, though; seeing people double fisting and stumbling around at 8:00 in the morning when you’re doing your first show always makes for a good day (laughs).”

All told, he participated in six shows over the course of the weekend. “We did three shows on Saturday and three on Sunday,” he said. “It was kind of an early morning deal compared to the other Freestyle shows, because they had to get it over before the racing started. We were on our bikes at 8:30, and geared down and loaded up by 12:00. It was a good couple of days.”

When Wacker isn’t at the track or flipping his dirt bike for fans, he can be found designing and painting. In fact, his day job is at N-Style graphics where he designs most of the popular graphic kits, including the Fasthouse kit that all of our team members run. Simply put, Wacker is one of a kind. Check the Fasthouse site soon for a full video with our good buddy and crew member.

Photos by Heather Lewis and Brendan Lutes