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Eye Candy | Long Lost Banners

Over the past couple years, we've been lucky enough to experience some rad things while growing Fasthouse into what it is today. Through that time, the talented team at Fasthouse has not only created the bitchin' products that you find on this site, but also some amazing pieces of art. Mostly because these two homepage sliders can no longer be found anywhere else on the website, we decided to resurrect them and talk a little about why they were so memorable.

Hot Tub:

We shot this right around the time that we were officially launching some of the first jerseys. What makes this image particularly cool is not only the fact that we shot it in Terry Cook's backyard, but also that the beautiful lady with him is in fact his wife. (Photo by Randy Butler)

Race Face:

This slider is memorable, because both Sean Collier and Brendan Lutes had just finish two of the gnarliest races of their lives. Collier had just completed the second moto at Hangtown last year, which was touted as the roughest outdoor national in years. Even the top riders on the podium spoke about how bad it was. Not too many people—if any—can come off the couch and finish an National motocross like Sean did. Lutes, on the other hand, had just been photographed after completing two hours of his first GNCC event, which was a total muddy mess where he got his bike stuck in a bottomless mud hole on the first lap, but soldiered on to the checkered flag. (Photos by Drew Ruiz and Brendan Lutes)

Mic Rodgers

Since the beginning, Fasthouse has had it's roots firmly planted in not only motorcycles, but Hollywood as well. One of our good friends Mic Rodgers is one of the best stuntmen in Hollywood, working on countless feature films and doubling for some of the biggest stars in the business. We created this slider with a photo of him in full makeup while on set for Mel Gibson's movie Braveheart. Not only is Mic successful in business, but he also still rips on his dirt bike, and can be found at the local SoCal races on most weekends that he's not working.