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Friday Night 805 Drag Races | Red Bull Day In The Dirt 19

Sure, there’s some racing going on at Red Bull Day In The Dirt, but what everyone’s really there for is the good time, atmosphere, and well… ice cold 805 Beer. In years past, Friday night has always been relatively quiet. It’s the evening where the “serious” racers take it easy, rest up, and prepare for their races on Saturday morning. But this year we’ve thrown a wrench into those plans, because let’s be honest, who’s actually at DITD to be serious about their racing?

This year, Friday night will feature—for the first time ever—the 805 Beer Drag Races where anything goes. As long as you have a bike with two wheels, a motor, and a throttle you can enter the drag race. And in true run-what-ya-brung fashion, the weirder and more “out there” the bike, the better. Entries will be collected the day of and scratched down on a napkin. After which you’ll be randomly pitted against your opponent, loaded into the starting house, and blasting down the strip before you know it. All we’re saying is, don’t wear yourself out in Happy Hour Practice or the SoCal Reunion race, because you’ll need to be able to twist the throttle for this true backyard racing session, which has a better than not chance of materializing into full blown sketchiness.

WARNING Reaction times might be a little slower than normal, and things might escalate quickly. We’re just sayin’…

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