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Gage Schehr | At Random

Southern California is the hotbed of motocross where countless mini bike champions and professionals call home. And as a SoCal local for his entire life, young racer Gage “Geezy” Schehr has been tearing up the SoCal tracks since he was six. Hailing from the beach city of San Clemente, California, Geezy likes to spend almost as much time with his feet firmly planted on a board as he does a bike. To get a glimpse into what this young ripper is all about, we cornered him for another edition of At Random.


When you’re not riding your dirt bike…

I’m usually really tired from riding and training, but I like to skate. The San Clemente skate park is my home park, but I live out in Menifee now, so I skate at the Menifee park a lot now.


Where are your favorite places to ride dirt bikes and why?

I’d have to say Pala is my favorite place, because it’s so wide open and fun. You just go there and have a fun day—big jumps and big whips. I went there the other day and it was sick.


Who got you started with motorcycles?

My mom and dad. We always went out to the desert and they got me a 50. I started racing when I was about six.


What does style mean to you?

HLTN Company—they make cool style. I think style is one of the main parts of your aura. If you have good style, you’re set. I always like to focus on my riding style and the way I dress; I’ve always been into that stuff.


Who influences you?

I look up to my mom, because without her, I wouldn’t be here—she’s my trainer. I look up to a lot of people—God for sure.