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Introducing Our Newest Crew | Fasthouse Enters Mountain Biking

Fasthouse today announced its global MTB team. The lineup includes Tyler McCaul, USA GT bikes; Ryan Howard, USA Trek bikes, Bubba Warren, USA YT bikes; and current FMB World Champion Emil Johansson, Sweden Trek bikes.

Mike Redding stated, “We are super happy how the team came together, with four super passionate guys that love to ride bikes. They fit our brand perfectly and each of these guys embody our motto, Purveyor of Good Times!”

Look out for these guys at events and bike parks around the world.  There will be a video dropping in spring with this crew, along with our MTB collection and Bell Helmets co-lab. Keep an eye on and the Fasthouse IG account for updates on MTB. Give each of them a follow on their IG accounts: @tylermccaul @r_doggystyles @bubba_warren @johanssoemil