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Luftgekühlt Porsche Show | Analog vs Digital

In my family, photography goes back a few generations. My grandfather was a photographer that loved to take photos of just about anything and everything. Since I found my passion of shooting, I've been gifted with a few of his old cameras—one of those is a classic Hasselblad 500C. Up until a few months ago, it had been sitting in my livingroom gathering dust. After getting the bug to pick it up and run a few rolls through it, which came out amazing considering the camera hadn't been used for probably 30 years, I decided to bring it to the third Luftgekühlt Porsche show near downtown Los Angeles last week. On one shoulder I had my modern Canon EOS 1D-X and on the other my grandfather's 50-year-old Hasselblad. I brought two rolls of film with me—one Kodak T-Max 400 and one Fuji Velvia 100—and what I came away with were some classic shots of some cars that are works of art. Intermingled in this gallery are photos from both of those cameras.

The event was absolutely jaw-dropping and this year's location at the furniture maker Modernica offered an excellent backdrop. In only the third year, Howie Idelson and Patrick Long have built an amazing following, and managed to put on one of the coolest car shows around.

By Brendan Lutes