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Old Soul | Greg "Zeke" Landers

Here at Fasthouse we’ve always held the past close to our hearts. It was when men were men and rules were few. And it’s this simpler time that Greg “Zeke” Landers also loves to be a part of. Born and raised in Southern California, Zeke grew up around motorcycles, taking trips to the track with his dad and honing his skills on a bike while soaking in every bit of history he could. Nowadays, Zeke has a vast knowledge of motocross’ rich history, and keeps it alive by regularly racing his trusty Yamaha MX360 while also collecting vintage pieces that most people would drool over. Not one to brag—or show off his collection—we managed to talk him into sitting down for a few beers at a local watering hole to bench race about motorcycles, vintage racing, and some of his favorite collectables.