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Rad New Gear | Red Bull Day In The Dirt 19

Every year of the annual Red Bull Day In The Dirt is special. It's filled with family time, seat time, and good times. Every year, we commemorate the event with some rad gear and this year's helmet, jersey, and pants are some of the coolest yet. The helmet was designed by Fasthouse and produced by Bell Helmets. It comes in one of their revolutionary Moto-9 Flex helmets, which features cutting edge helmet safety technology. The jersey is based off our proven jersey design and the pants are cut from our Grindhouse pattern. The pants also have an interchangeable patch on the back, going from DITD to M/C. All the gear will be available to purchase at the event, and available year round, but if you want to be looking good prior to rolling out to DITD, be sure to get a hold of your set in our online store, starting this week.