The Scene

Surfercross 2015 | Day One Moto

The first day of Surfercross competition is in the books at Milestone MX Park in Riverside, California, and everyone—including the surfers—walked away in one piece. Surfercross is a team event where surfers are randomly paired up with motocross riders, and it's held over the course of two days with the first day consisting of a team motocross race, and the second consisting of an elimination team surfing event. The best scores are tallied up, and the lowest scoring team walks away champions.

Fasthouse was on hand representing and having a good time with motocrossers and surfers alike, and the track was prepped to perfection for some awesome racing. The best part about this event is that it's all about having fun. Moto racers will be moto racers, and things can get a little crazy once the gate drops, but for the most part, everyone keeps it mellow, steady, and laid-back—true Fasthouse style. Check out some photos from the day, and be sure to come back later for a rad video and more photos from tomorrow's surfing portion.

Photos: Brendan Lutes