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Surfercross 2015 | Day Two Surfing

It depends who you ask, but the second day of Surfercross is usually the most popular. Sure, everyone loves motoing, but it's hard to beat a day of hanging out at the beach, surfing, and BSing with friends. The second day of Surfercross took place at Trail 6 in San Onofre State Beach, and it was one full of good times, laughs, and some epic waves. Surprisingly, some motocross racers were decent—we sue that word losly—surfers, and when combined with the likes of the professional surfers, it made for some great competition.

After taking the win in the moto portion of the event, Mike Brown and Josh Sleigh finished sixth overall in surfing to tie for the win with the team of Sunny Garcia and David Pingree and the team of Ryan Sakai and Justin Mulford. In the end, though, Brown and Sleigh were awarded the overall victory thanks to their overall moto win. In the industry class, Surfercross regulars Ryan Fedorow and Terry Beal took the overall win followed by the team of Mike Kalp and Todd Cram and the team of Brett Diamanno and Shawn Heit in third.


1. Mike Brown/Josh Sleigh

2. Sunny Garcia/David Pingree

3. Ryan Sakai/Justin Mulford


1. Ryan Fedorow/Terry Beal

2. Mike Kelp/Todd Cram

3. Brett Diamanno/Shawn Heit