The Scene

The Fasthouse Crew was racing high – 8000’ elevation to be exact!

Mammoth is the longest continuous running  motocross race in the U.S. and definitely one of our favorites.  From the moment you pull in, there’s an energy, an excitement that consumes you.  And the Fasthouse crew was privileged to experience the event from start to finish.


Day one TLD and Fasthouse, with help from FMF, presented the first annual Smoke and Fire National.  It was rad bringing the old iron back to the mountain and super fun.  Mike LaPaglia took the victory, smoking everybody on an old CZ.  He posted a 2:20 lap time, and for those who know Mammoth, that’s hauling ass. 


Throughout the 10 days we were so proud to see our colors flying on the guys, Jeff Ward, Terry Cook, R.J. Wageman, and Sean Collier.  They sure made us proud and we were stoked to have all these cool cats doing a little R & D for the Fasthouse brand.  And thanks to some of our photographer friends who shot the event, BrowndogWillson, Mike Emery, and Spencer Rathkamp, for capturing great moments and sharing them with us. 


Also, we can’t thank Mike Colbert and Laurey Carlson enough for throwing such an epic event.  But we couldn’t have done it without the Fasthouse pit crew: the Parks family and my wife and kids. We left Mammoth feeling good, we lived up to our motto.  Our boys certainly had the speed and the style, and we all had a good time.