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The Viewing: Packin' Black | Road Report Number One

Somewhere around 5:00 AM on Monday July 18th, the mission began with a rally at The Viewing’s secret clubhouse; van primed and the crue bleary-eyed from a zero-sleep night spent working gearbags down to a sub-50 pound weight limit. Captained by Darryn Durham and Tyler Bereman, the Viewing Death Crue is taking the roadshow global to wave the flag for professional funhavers worldwide.

The destination: ZwarteCross, the only motocross race of it’s kind that pulls elements of motocross racing, music festivals, and over the top misbehavior into a four-day format for the records books. Let it be known: Training for this event includes everything that a “serious” (a word we generally discourage) motocross racer should not. Beer drinking, crashing bonfires, road tripping with buddies, and a six-day bender at the annual Mammoth Motocross a couple weeks back have left everyone in prime shape for racing.

Jetlag is a symptom best cured with a blast of adrenaline and 12oz coldie of your choice, so we pinned it south to Marmedy, Belgium, and rendezvoused with the Fest Series Loose Fest crew. Founded on similar ideals to The Viewing, the Fest Series riders are a worldwide band of freeride mountain bikers that are literally pushing the progression curve to vertical with massive jump lines, a jam-session format and content-driven approach that empowers rider’s creativity and emphasis on radness.

Loose Fest at BikePark Ferme Libert is perched upon the rolling hills of Hotel LeGrand Champs: A lodge befitting of the swiss alps (who also shares a last name of our filmer, with the infamous Mike “Wu-Tang” LeGrand) landscaped by endless rolling fields, dotted by deer, goats and the occasional roaming “albino elk”…we think. Darryn lead the 4AM charge to the “Elk Barn” but couldn’t scale the double fences…the world may never know. Complete with a t-bar lift, the LooseFest course features an opening hit measuring out at 79 feet—that’s 14 feet longer than a standard Supercross triple. Pushing 80 feet to clear the deck on a 20 foot tall bicycle landing is nothing short of mind-blowing, and when you add in motos, it’s a recipe for pure space cake magic.

Bereman is a two-time attendee of Cruz Fest, and he pulled immediate respect in his first year when he threw down Truckdriver grabs and a huuuuge NacNac that got away from him and robbed him of an ACL. In spite of that, though, he still managed to show up this year to take the game to the next level. Within an hour of watching the LooseFest mayhem begin, he geared up and cracked a couple whips in salute of a massive full moon that capped the trip in proper form. Durham, on the other hand was riding on a borrowed 2011 Yamaha replete with Kawasaki Rockstar logos on the shrouds. The first kick of the kickstarter snapped it off at the casting line. If that wasn’t a sign, it’s tank-like handling off the opening drop in line sealed the deal that he better save his magic for the fresh 2017’s waiting for us at Zwartecross.

This road report is coming to you from the back seat of a VW Minivan, ripping down the highway at about 30 km/h over the speed limit with ZwarteCross pinned on the GPS navigation. Dayle Dabblesworth still thinks he’s on I-15 and his sketchy driving tactics made this story nearly impossible to write on the way, but we got it done to beam the good times back to the states where eager eyes await. Stay tuned for more and remember, you win some, you lose some and you wreck some…. so ya better make sure you’re having the most fun, win, lose, or draw!

Photos and Report by Aran Eversman