The Scene

The Viewing Presents Burnt Toast | Unstaged & Unexampled

The Viewing and Pacific Coast Customs present Burnt Toast: Unstaged and Unexampled, unleashing Darryn Durham and Tyler Bereman in a wide open cross-country tour through 9 wild rounds of East Coast Supercross racing. With rock-and-roll style and wide open attitude, the Death Crue guts it out at all costs until good times prevail. 

They are racers and freeriders with a grand vision of a better way to make a living on motorcycles. Burnt Toast: Unstaged and Unexampled carries out The Viewing's master plan to rewrite the rules and challenge the paradigms that strip athletes of artistic license and freedom. Burnt Toast is the beginning of a movement; a monument to good times and authenticity and the absolute truth that this life can only be lived once. 

Now kick back, crack a cold one, and enjoy the ride...our next stop: Zwarte Cross!

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