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Unleashing The Hell Raiser | Durham Racing 125 Dream Race

Ever since Tony Jeske of Jeske MX Customs built a fully custom YZ125 for The 1 Moto show earlier this year, everyone was left wondering if it was built to rip or just built to be a piece of art. We’re happy to report that along with Tony, we’ve had big plans to race the beautiful machine dubbed Hell Raiser at the upcoming 125 Dream Race at Washougal MX Park in Washougal, Washington, on September 17th-18th.

Since the beginning, Jeske has always wanted the bike to hit the dirt, and the plan has been to get a Fasthouse rider to compete aboard it. As luck would have it, with the Dream Race rapidly approaching, Darryn Durham’s hectic schedule opened up, making him the easy choice as the rider lucky enough to put Hell Raiser’s knobbies in the dirt. “I’m super excited to ride it,” Durham said. “The bike is a work of art, so I’m excited to hit the dirt for the first time and tear it up.” Surprisingly enough, even though Durham has a 125 of his own back home in Pennsylvania, he has never lined up behind a gate aboard it. “I got a 125 about five or six years ago just for fun, and I love riding it. I think riding 125s makes you a better four-stroke rider. I’ve put some time in on it, but I’ve never really raced a 125 before, so this will be my first ever 125 race.”

As for the bike, Jeske built it almost on a whim. When invited to show a bike at the prestigious 1 Moto Show in Portland this year, Jeske didn’t have a plan or a bike. But after procuring a YZ125 from local Portland dealership Power Motorsports, he decided to go all out, creating the Hell Raiser to drop jaws and get people talking about what a truly custom motorcycle is all about. “It’s a 125 and it can scream,” Tony said of the beautiful machine he created. “The name has a purpose. I’m stirring up a little bit of hell. What’s wrong with being a little bit of a menace? That’s kind of where my head was at when I sat down to design this bike. I want to grow my shop [Jeske MX Customs] and do things for a reason. I wanted to be different, raise some hell, and make a statement.”

In only a couple short weeks, the Fasthouse crew will be making the trek up to Washington to do just that—make a statement with Durham screaming Jeske’s Hell Raiser up the hills of Washougal. But according to Durham, he still has one thing to learn…“I’m gonna have to figure out if it’s a first or second gear start (laughs).”

The Pacific Northwest better watch out…

If you want to see Durham ripping his personal 125, check out THIS VIDEO. Yeah, we're pretty sure he'll do the Hell Raiser justice.