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Viva Las Vegas | Supercross Wraps Up

Last weekend the 2016 Supercross season came to a close with an unforgettable Las Vegas event. Not only was the racing bad ass, but the skies opened up just before the night show, leaving the track a muddy mess that the riders unanimously dubbed the worst they’ve ever ridden. For our two East Coast warriors Darryn Durham and Tyler Bereman, the race marked the end of their East Coast Is Toast Tour where they competed in the East Coast Supercross races while stopping at as many rad riding spots as possible. Unfortunately, Bereman was on the sidelines in Vegas with a separated shoulder from a crash during practice at the NYC round, leaving Durham as the lone rider holding it down for Fasthouse and the long list of sponsors, including The Viewing, Pacific Coast Customs, DC Shoes, Gaerna, Von Zipper, and Thousand Oaks Powersports.

Prior to the race, our plan was to outfit Darryn in all-white gear complete with white jeans. Some might question the jeans, but after all, Vegas is about having fun, standing out, and being yourself. As it turned out, DD had a smooth day of practice, but thanks in part to a bad start—and a stacked field—he was unable to make the main event. “It was pretty wild. Practice went pretty good and then the rain came down,” Durham said. “It poured for a good little while and everyone wasn’t sure what was going to happen.” In spite of the rain and wet conditions, though, he still geared up in the white gear. “I rolled down to the line feeling like a bad ass,” DD said. “It was pretty awesome; because everyone was tripping that I was in jeans and wearing all white in a mud race. I spun right off the line, though, so I ended up getting my white kit muddy pretty quickly. It’s a cool piece of memorabilia now—white and brown (laughs).”

When it was all said and done, the boys had some fun and made unforgettable memories on their tour. “It was a good time,” Durham said. “We had a lot of fun—lots of ups and downs being on the road, but it was pretty cool. We definitely learned a lot from it and had a good time.” At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about—having fun and making memories. Check back soon for the final episode of the East Coast Is Toast Tour. If the duo’s Vegas shenanigans are included, you won’t want to miss it.

Photos by Ryne Swanberg

Words by Brendan Lutes