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The Vault / Herbert Schmitz’ 1973 Puch 380cc 6-Speed

In the world of motocross, Puch is a minor footnote in the ‘70s – but they shocked the world! The Puch 250 debuted in 1974, raced by Harry Everts and Herbert Schmitz. In just its second year, Everts rode the Puch to the 250cc World Championship. What set the Puch apart? Dual carburetors! One 32mm Bing fed the single cylinder engine via a traditional piston port, while the other Bing used a rotary valve. Truly unique and never duplicated. This bike features trick bits like magnesium Marzocchi forks and numerous hand-made parts. The fuel tank on this bike is signed by both Herbert and Harry.

After winning the championship, Puch built 97 works replicas that were available to expert-level racers –an unprecedented move that has never been duplicated.

FYI: Herbert is still racing at age 67, and Harry runs a motocross school.

FYI again: Puch motorcycles first came to the U.S. in 1957 – sold as Allstate and Sears models.

SIDE NOTE: Back in the ‘70s, Puch’s American importer, Ted Lapadakis, received two bikes for evaluation. “I was excited when I received those machines,” says Ted. “The power hit so hard that many riders found the machine almost unridable, but the expert riders loved them. I placed my order with Puch and got a message that they were no longer in the motocross business. I should have never returned the test bikes.”