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The Vault / Eddie Mulder Replica

Desert, flat track, TT, road racing – you name it, if Eddie Mulder was in the race, he was always at the front of the pack… which is what earned him the nickname, “Steady. Eddie”. Eddie was born into motorcycling – his dad owned a Triumph dealership in Lancaster, California. Eddie cut his teeth riding a Triumph Cub when he was 8, started racing at 11, and won The So. Cal M.C. Hare Scrambles race in 1959 at young age of 15.

The next year, he won the last Big Bear Run with over 800 entries! That caught the eye of Bud Ekins, who helped Eddie secure a factory ride with Triumph – he raced with national #12, and won the Peoria TT National in 1965, then went on to win every TT national in the 1966 season. Eddie is probably the greatest TT rider in history, but if you were to ask Eddie… he would say “Dick Dorresteyen was the greatest”!

So if you’re going to build an Eddie Mulder replica bike, it has to be fast and handle – this one has a Trackmaster frame and is powered by a Jack Hateley-built engine – it doesn’t get any better than that!